Who is Acadian Managers?

Acadian Managers is the Louisiana Program Administrator for Spinnaker and Ocean Harbor.  Acadian Managers is led by Mike Toffoli.  Mr. Toffoli has extensive experience in the Louisiana property insurance market having served in senior management positions with Lighthouse Property Insurance Corporation and Access Home Insurance Company – two companies who participated extensively in Citizens Depopulations during his time there.

Acadian Managers will administer Spinnaker’s and Ocean Harbor’s effort in the current round of Louisiana Citizens depopulation and will contract with Louisiana agents to represent both companies in the voluntary market.

Who is Spinnaker and what is it rated?

Spinnaker is an Illinois-domiciled insurance company.  It is licensed in 44 states and the District of Columbia.  Spinnaker is rated A- by AM Best.  For more information on Spinnaker, visit www.spinnaker-ins.com.

Who is Ocean Harbor and what is it rated?

Ocean Harbor is a Florida-domiciled insurance company. In addition to Louisiana, it is licensed to write business in Alabama, California, Florida, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. Ocean Harbor is rated A’ Unsurpassed, by Demotech and B by AM Best.  For more information about Ocean Harbor, visit www.oceanharbor-ins.com.

How do Spinnaker’s and Ocean Harbor’s rates compare to Louisiana Citizens’?

Spinnaker’s and Ocean Harbor’s rates are lower than Louisiana Citizens’ renewal rates, on average by 10%.

Will depopulated policies be re-inspected, pre-inspected or otherwise re-underwritten?

No. We will rely on inspections and underwriting already performed by Louisiana Citizens.

Will I receive a contract to write voluntary business with Spinnaker and Ocean Harbor?

Independent agents who authorize Spinnaker and Ocean Harbor to depopulate requested policies will be contracted with to produce new business through Acadian Managers. Direct writer agents such as State Farm, Allstate or Farm Bureau agents will be contracted to continue to service depopulated policies.

What voluntary products are offered?

Spinnaker currently offers a DWG-1 product which is an exact “me-too” of Louisiana Citizens’ DWG-1 products at lower rates.  Spinnaker plans to add an HO-3 product in the first quarter of 2017.

Ocean Harbor currently offers DWG-2 and DWG-3 products which are exact “me-toos” of Louisiana Citizens’ DWG-2 and DWG-3 products, at lower rates.  Ocean Harbor plans to add a DWG-1 Mobile Home product on or about November 15 of this year.

Both company’s products are designed to provide agents with viable alternative markets for risks that would otherwise have to be placed with Louisiana Citizens.

Who will be handling policy servicing?

Acadian Managers will perform all policy issuance, underwriting, customer service, and producer relations functions for both companies.

What commission rate will I receive from Acadian Managers?

Ocean Harbor pays 15% on depopulated Dwelling Fire policies and 12% on depopulated Mobile Home policies.  Spinnaker pays 12.5% on depopulated homeowners and dwelling fire policies.

What is required to authorize Spinnaker and Ocean Harbor to depopulate Louisiana Citizens policies?

You need only log on to the Louisiana Citizens Depopulation Portal as follows:

  • Using Your Citizens Username (i.e. 800xxxx) and Password, login to the Depopulation Portal at
  • Click Agency Selection and Review.
  • Select Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance Company or Spinnaker Insurance Company from the drop down box with the caption Assign all policies requested by company.
  • Click Submit“.